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Two tips for people who want to start serving freshly-made hot chocolate at their cafe

If you have decided to start making and serving fresh hot chocolate at your cafe, you might want to bear the following advice in mind. Buy your chocolate from a supplier who makes their chocolate from ethically-sourced cocoa beans When deciding which food supplier to buy your chocolate from, it is crucial to ensure that you base your choice at least partly on whether or not the chocolate they sell is made from ethically-sourced cocoa beans. Read More 

Using Vegan Meat Alternatives To Recreate Classic Party Food

When you're catering a party or special event, such as a wedding, you'll want to ensure there's a range of food suitable for the dietary preferences of all guests. Veganism has experienced a recent surge in popularity, and you may be wondering what to serve vegan guests when you're preparing classic party food, such as sausage rolls, chicken satay skewers and burgers. Thankfully, there's a wide range of vegan meat alternatives available, which makes it easy to offer vegan versions of any meat-based dish you're serving. Read More