How to Add Some Real Spice to Your New Restaurant

If you are opening a restaurant and intend to serve some spicy and exciting dishes, you will be looking for the right ingredients. You certainly need to consider chilli, as it's world-famous for its punch. Yet there are a few different ways to enjoy chilli and incorporate it into your recipes, so which approach should you choose?

How to Use Chillis

Chillis can be used in the kitchen in three different ways – fresh, dried or crushed. Either way, you'll be able to take advantage of its searing heat caused by capsaicin, its active component that produces that trademark burning effect.

Dried Chilies

Dried chillis are chillis that have been prepared to maximise their potency and flavour. You can grind them, including the seeds, or remove the seeds if your customers are likely to prefer a milder version. Use this chilli in a variety of dishes for added spice or as a simple sauce. Sometimes people put whole dried chilis into a specific dish but remove them before serving just to add that hint of spice.

Fresh Chilies

If you want fresh chillis, these come in a broad range of flavours, some of which are extremely hot. You can incorporate these into your recipes by chopping them as is or taking the seeds out first. Have you thought about using bigger, milder chillis, which you can stuff with certain fillings? Alternatively, you may want to roast them and offer them up to your customers as a special side.

Crushed Chilies

If you really want a potent blend, you need to use crushed chilli. This mixture includes seeds and flakes that have first been dried and then crushed at the factory. This means that those crazy seeds have been kept in the picture and used in the blend, making this one of the hottest ways to enjoy chilli that you can find. Further, the drying process can also amplify the heat, so you need to be precise when figuring out your quantities and ingredients.

Use crushed chilli in a variety of ways, including meat seasoning, soups, sauces or curries. Still, remember to tell your guests that this is one of the most potent ways to eat this food.

Ordering Your Chillis

Did you know that you can buy wholesale crushed chillis from your distributor? Get in touch with them and place your order as you begin to roll out your menus. If you're looking to buy crushed chili, reach out to a local supplier, such as C V Garlic.