Two tips for people who want to start serving freshly-made hot chocolate at their cafe

If you have decided to start making and serving fresh hot chocolate at your cafe, you might want to bear the following advice in mind.

Buy your chocolate from a supplier who makes their chocolate from ethically-sourced cocoa beans

When deciding which food supplier to buy your chocolate from, it is crucial to ensure that you base your choice at least partly on whether or not the chocolate they sell is made from ethically-sourced cocoa beans. Many farmers in developing countries who grow cocoa beans are not paid fairly for the beans that they sell to wholesalers. Their low pay not only affects their ability to run their farming businesses but it also makes it difficult for them to make ends meet.

This is something that more and more people in developed countries are becoming aware of. Because of this, many consumers are making a much greater effort to specifically consume chocolate-based products that have been made with ethically-sourced cocoa beans. As such, by using ethically-produced chocolate, you ensure that there will be no risk of your customers being deterred from trying out your hot chocolate drink after they inquire about where the chocolate used in it came from. Furthermore, you can feel better about yourself as a businessperson, as you know you will be helping cocoa bean farmers in developing countries receive a fair wage for their work.

Find a reliable chilli supplier who sells high-quality, pure chilli powder

If you want the hot chocolate that you make for your customers to be exceptionally delicious, then it's essential to buy chilli from a supplier that is known for selling high-quality, pure chilli powder — that is, powder comprised solely of dried-up chillies, rather than a mixture of chillies, cumin and other spices.

A small pinch of pure chilli can transform a bland cup of hot chocolate into a very special drink. It not only adds some subtle warmth and spicy kick to this liquid but also helps to enhance the chocolate's flavour notes (such as, for example, any hint of citrus or nuttiness that it might have), which can, in turn, make the experience of drinking it far more enjoyable.

As such, it's vital to ensure that you have a reliable supplier who can provide you with freshly ground-up chillies on a regular basis. Making the effort to find a supplier who sells particularly-good chilli will make all the difference to how much pleasure your customers derive from drinking the hot chocolate that you make for them.