How To Fully Take Advantage Of Your Local Bakery

While advancements in food technology have meant that you can pretty much get all of the food and supplies you need from your local supermarket, what it has not done is make the specialty stores like butchers and bakeries obsolete. That is for one simple reason: these stores offer better quality items and special services that the mass-producing supermarkets cannot compete with. Unfortunately, many people do not realise this, and it can be easy to forget just how great your local bakery is when compared to the bland offerings the big chains serve up. Read More 

Two tips for people who want to start serving freshly-made hot chocolate at their cafe

If you have decided to start making and serving fresh hot chocolate at your cafe, you might want to bear the following advice in mind. Buy your chocolate from a supplier who makes their chocolate from ethically-sourced cocoa beans When deciding which food supplier to buy your chocolate from, it is crucial to ensure that you base your choice at least partly on whether or not the chocolate they sell is made from ethically-sourced cocoa beans. Read More